Interview with visiting teachers Wang Hao and Dong Lixuan   – The Mountbatten School Jan 2024. 

Which school are you visiting from?

Shanghai Shenghua Zizhu Bilingual School in Shanghai, China. 

Have you enjoyed your time in the U.K?

Yes we have!

Why do you think it is important for pupils to participate in these exchange programmes?

It is important because this programme is related to the core values of our school, we are a bilingual school and pupils are able to practise and develop their English. 

For the students they should have these opportunities to immerse themselves in this authentic environment. It is necessary for them to get to know different cultures and the diversity of the world to be more tolerant and embrace the differences and similarities. 

What would you want your pupils to gain from this experience?

To understand and embrace the culture, even if it is a bit of a shock! To advance in their language skills. To learn independence and how to find their own solutions to solve problems independently. To improve communication skills and gain team spirit and gain insight into global communication. 

What would you hope that the pupils at The Mountbatten School learn from your pupils?

We hope they have learned more about Chinese culture, and our values of being humble and calm.

Which has been your favourite lessons to observe, and why?

One of my favourites was drama because the students were able to act using pictures as a prompt. The teacher allowed the pupils to discuss and try without too much guidelines, and this allowed creativity. They then acted out a scene using the combined pictures as a whole. 

My favourite class was science as the teacher showed the concept visually by using lego cubes. They often do experiments and see the changes from the chemical reaction. Rather than just telling them the result, the pupils can see and understand the process, and be a part of it. 

What highlights will you share with your pupils back home?

I will share the homestay experience with my students because so far we have been provided different kinds of foods each day from a variety of countries including dishes from where the hosts are originally from. We can see the real lifestyle of the people in the UK, what they do at home, how they share good and bad parts of the day together. Although we have different cultures and languages, this feeling of belonging is mutual.

I want to share that this society really cares about both people and animals, I saw a bowl of water outside so a dog could drink, the bus drivers give ramps and assist disabled people to get on and off, and a blind man and his guide dog were helped on too. People will always greet each other even if they don’t know each other, and they hold doors and thank each other. 

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