Celebrating Culture Workshops

Enrich Your Curriculum with Fresh Cultural Perspective

Spend GSE credits on Celebrating Culture workshops, which run throughout the year.

These workshops bring in passionate subject-experts to teach fun, interactive sessions or assemblies – in school, or online. All workshops can be adapted to be accessible and enjoyable for your pupils, and bring a burst of excitement into the classroom!

Examples include:

  • Celebrating Chinese New Year with a Lion or Dragon Dance, Calligraphy, Chinese Lantern Making, Kung Fu, and Mandarin workshops
  • Celebrating Diwali with clay lamps and creating patterns on the floor, or Holi, the Festival of Colours and throwing of gulai and water 
  • Celebrating Bastille Day or The Galette des Rois  

“Thank you to GSE and my colleagues in China. We are all on the same page and want our pupils to do the best that they can”

Headmaster, The Oratory Prep School

Previously Headteacher of Fair Oak Junior School

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