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Interview with Headteacher Andrew De Silva

The collaboration we share is really important…

Milford-On-Sea Primary School

Kate Crawford, Headteacher

Bitterne Park School Immersion Programme: Interviews with Pupil ‘Buddies’

Our students benefited in many different ways, from taking on the responsibility of supporting the Chinese Student, which for many was out of their comfort zone, to learning about a culture very different from their own, and for ensuring that the visitors got a good impression of our school and country.

Bay House School Immersion Programme: Interviews with Visiting Pupils

Barry Fanning, Headteacher Woodcroft Primary

“It’s all being very quick, it was only just before Christmas that we started talking about it and we had the opportunity to host Primary school children and jumped at it. It’s been brilliant, I think our children have made real connections with our visitors. I think the big thing for me is the fact that they’ve understood what children from a different culture go through on a daily basis, and not just the differences but the similarities. It has been great to see how similar the children are in their likes and dislikes. The children from China have been so respectful, they have been an absolute delight to have.”

Partner Schools

Our students and school benefited by experiencing another culture, leadership opportunities for those who acted as buddies, and allowing reflection on our own teaching practices.

Ella Capaldi Head of School, Park Community School 

The programme was a brilliant experience for all involved. Our celebration and farewell event was just stunning and emotional. The Chinese students also led an assembly to 4 different year groups which was excellent - this was on the Chinese New Year.

Julie Summerfield Headteacher, Horndean Technology College

Our pupils benefitted by engaging fully in cultural exchange - pupils gained new friendships and further developed their cultural understandings.

Assistant Head Hayling College