UK Holiday Camps

UK Holiday Camps

Our UK Summer Camps aim to nurture students’ academic interests, personal development, and confidence, within a global learning environment. 

Offered free of charge to UK students, these programmes are an excellent opportunity for language-learning and cultural exchange via group projects and teamwork.

GSE offers a Junior Programme for students aged 11-14, and a Senior Programme for students aged 15-18, with subject streams in AI/Robotics, Finance and Global Sports. 

In addition to the academic classes, students focus on their future success, including further study, employability skills, and visits to UK universities.

English For the Future

English for the Future classes have a particular focus on global issues. Students develop their presentation and communication skills by creating their own TED talks, as well as broadening their knowledge of sustainability and global issues.

UK University Campus Visits

Visiting UK universities gives further insight into undergraduate and master’s study in the UK. Visiting campuses can be inspirational, and can enable students to make better informed decisions about their future study options.

Career Workshops

Career Success employability workshops focus on ensuring students of all ages are one step ahead of their peers. By writing a CV and a professional and personal statement, they will be well-prepared to secure a part time job or an internship.

Summer Camp Subject Pathways

Subject streams enable students to pursue their passions within a global context, and are tailored to the age group of each student group.

All develop employer-valued skills in: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Students learn via tutorials, practical workshops, collaborative group work, and project presentations.

This programme aims to develop students’ understanding of coding, electronics, and robotics. 

Interactive workshops enable them to learn the basics of Python, interface with microcontrollers, and use the pitop [4] modular system to build robots.

Students will be given the opportunity to stretch their understanding of automated processes and AI control.

Includes a visit to Legoland, to participate in a Robotics workshop.

The Taste of Economics and Finance programme will introduce students to concepts in these disciplines.

We will cover a number of exciting and important topics that lie at the heart of economics and finance. In particular, students will be introduced to some of the key concepts and tools of game theory and behavioural economics.

We will also introduce some of the key issues concerning the world of money and banking, including some core ideas of finance and stock markets.

Includes a visit to the London School of Economics, and to the UK’s core business hubs: the City of London, and Canary Wharf.

The Global Multi-Sports programme blends academic study of the global sports industry and its impact as a business, with practical coaching in basketball and football.

This action-packed camp will develop player skills in shooting, ball handling, footwork, defence and team skills. There will be plenty of game play and fun competitions too.

Includes a visit to world-famous Wembley Stadium.