Leadership Delegation, March 2024

Global School Exchanges Overseas Leadership Delegation, March 2024

Thanks to our Leadership Delegation in China last week, we are now celebrating 22 new MOU agreements, enriched intercultural educational insights, and stronger cross-border friendships forged between China and the UK! 

From 25-29th March, it was our great privilege to warmly welcome 12 delegates from 6 East Hampshire partner schools to participate in our Global School Exchanges Educator Forum, spanning Nanjing, Jinhua, Zhangjiagang and Shanghai. Our distinguished delegates immersed themselves in local partner schools: observing lessons, exploring campuses, and actively engaging with local Education Leaders and government officials through education forums and events. Good practice was shared, and much of the discussion focused on how educators from both countries can collaborate to develop pupils’ global outlook and the global citizens of the future.

During keynote speeches, we learned firsthand the profound impact of the winter 2024 Chinese school visits to UK partner schools, and how they have positively impacted the life of the school. Heartwarming postcards from British students reached their Chinese buddies, expressing genuine appreciation for the new friendships nurtured. 

GSE’s Educator Exchange Forums not only facilitate global education collaboration, but also provide a gateway for UK educators to explore the rich landmarks, traditions, and flavours that China has to offer. Highlights included practising calligraphy skills with the help of Chinese students, tasting authentic culinary delights, visiting the Confucius Temple Tour and vibrant night markets, all bringing a greater understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.

One delegate, Barry Fanning from Woodcroft Primary School, likened the exhilarating speed of the bullet train to the rapid growth and progress witnessed across China in recent years. Dr Lansley, among others, has already begun implementing Chinese education practices back at Warblington School; for example, a commitment to celebrating and showcasing school achievements and awards. We hope that each delegate has returned home with life-changing memories and a renewed desire to foster continued collaboration and exchange with Chinese staff and students.

GSE takes immense pride in nurturing these global connections and facilitating transformative opportunities for both students and staff across the UK and China. At Global School Exchanges, our unwavering commitment to foster global collaboration that develops global citizens – through shared vision, cross-curricular projects and shifting intercultural perspectives – remains steadfast.

Partner Schools

A heartfelt thank you to our Chinese partners...

whose collaboration made this endeavour possible and truly enjoyable, as well as to the UK delegates for their willingness to exchange ideas:  

Woodcroft Primary School

HSDC College

Hayling College

Horndean Technology College

Warblington School

Park Community School

Chinese schools Phoenix Garden City Primary School

Nanjing Zhiyuan Foreign Language Primary School

Jinling High School Hexi

Nanjing Kerui Primary School

Zhangjiagang Experimental Primary School

Zhangjiagang No.2 Middle School

 Liangfeng Middle School

Jiangsu Province Liangfeng High School

Zhangjiagang Liangfeng International School

Shanghai Adcote school

Pujiang High School


If you’d like to be a part of the fully-funded October 2024 or March 2025 delegation, or one of our many China CPD trips which take place throughout the academic year, please email hello@school.exchange or register your interest.

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